Saturday, February 2, 2008

Mary's Wedding: Specially Priced Student Matinee at the Delaware Theater Company


By Stephen Massicotte

March 6 & 13, 2008, 10:30 AM
*Advance Reservations Required*

A SOARING love story told against the epic backdrop of World War I, this lyrically theatrical piece stretches from the wild beauty of rural Canada to the battlegrounds of France. When young Mary meets Charlie, she falls in love but he gets called to serve in the Great War. Mary fights against the forces of time, place, and destiny to keep her love alive. A recent international hit, Mary's Wedding is a stunning drama that will leave your heart aching and your imagination racing.

Great for English, Creative Writing, World History classes & more!

Tickets are $10.50 each
One complimentary chaperone per 20 tickets.
DTC also offers complimentary study guides and preshow classroom visits to help you prepare your group for the performance.

To book your group, call Johanna Schloss at 302-594-1104, ext. 204, or email her at:

Mary's Wedding is best suited for audiences ages 13 and up (some mild profanity and sobering imagery of war).

More about the play:
Mary's Wedding by Stephen Massicotte at Delaware Theatre Company. Mary's Wedding is both a love story and a history lesson, sharing the story of two characters, Mary Chalmers and Charlie Edwards, who meet and fall in love before Charlie heads from Canada to France to fight in World War I against Mary's wishes.

Told theatrically instead of chronologically, the play consists of Mary's dreaming the night before her wedding about key moments in her relationship with Charlie. Interspersed with her recollections are Charlie's letters to Mary back in Canada from abroad and his conversations with his commanding officer, Lt. Gordon "Flowers" Flowerdew about the action of the Great War.

Mary's Wedding offers a springboard for the study of many elements of World War I, including
--the last use of a cavalry regiment and the first use of industrialized weaponry together in a war
--the story of the real Lt. Gordon Flowerdew and his regiment
--the experiences of North American soldiers traveling for the first time to Europe
--correspondence between the homefront and the soldiers abroad

Yet in addition to the history, Mary's Wedding stands on its own as a simple play about two people who fall in love and the obstacles they face in being together. The three main characters (played by a real-life husband and wife acting team) cross between times and places, wartime and peacetime, gently uncovering the full story of Mary's dream just before her marriage.

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