Friday, July 11, 2008

Middle School Math and Science Courses for Homeschoolers at Swathmore College

Enrollment is now open for a middle-school math class and a middle-school science course focusing on physics, to be held next year twice per week on the campus of Swarthmore College.

Math Course Outline
This will be a middle school math class, with most of the content being 7th or 8th grade level material. The curriculum we will use is Connected Mathematics 2. This curriculum is used in a number of local schools, and is a good one because it promotes real, integrated understanding. This way we can cover standard material while keeping the curriculum authentic. The emphasis will be on building good communication skills, on developing good mathematical thinking habits, and on learning concepts and applications that are either relevant to the "real world" or student interest, rather than on reaching a set point within the curriculum.

Science Course Outline
This course will be aimed at studying some basic concepts from physics, with some chemistry and possibly a bit of biology. Emphasis will be on understanding physical phenomena that we see in the world around us or that we can see through experimentation, with discussion and habits of scientific thought again playing a greater role in shaping the course than any specific content will. Some units will be based around understanding numerical relationships in nature that coincide with concepts being discussed in the math course.

The courses will take place one right after the other, and will be meant to dovetail, so students are encouraged to take both.

Monday and Wednesday
12:30 - 1:30 math, and 1:40 - 2:40 science
This timing can be adjusted a bit to accommodate people's schedules, but the classes will definitely happen in the late morning or early afternoon, twice per week, on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.

Swarthmore College
500 College Ave
Swarthmore, PA 19081

Classes will start the second week of September
and end the last week of May.
There will be a one- or two-week winter break
and a one-week spring break.

$15 per class if there are 3 students in the class
$12 if there are 4;
$10 if there are 5 or 6
(classes will be capped at 6).
Science and math on the same day count as separate classes.
Students will be allowed to miss up to 3 sessions per year in each class free of charge.
Fee covers in-class time, preparation, and frequent updates to parents on students' progress.

Other costs
Texts and materials will cost at most $60 for the year for each class.
$30 range is more likely.

D. Abram Lipman
PA-certified math teacher,
Degree is in mathematics with a minor in Education.
Teaching home-schooled students for two years now.
Loves the freedom that the home-school setting offers to create an authentic, personally meaningful educational experience for students. Enjoys building real relationships with home-school students which are meaningful for both the students and for me.
Happy to provide references on request.

D. Abram Lipman 310-347-7892