Tuesday, June 17, 2008

UU Homeschool Community Co-op

New Homeschool Co-op!
Beginning September 2008!!
The UUCH is an inclusive, secular homeschool co-op meeting at the UUFN in Newark (www.uufn.org) and serving the surrounding homeschool communities of Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. UUCH's vision is to foster friendships and a sense of community by providing diverse, enriching and educational programs in an accepting and safe environment and creating a sense of connection by offering regular meetings and activities.

Tuesday afternoons
Small classes for various age levels.

Currently planning class schedules for the fall semester.

Parents with a special interest, hobby, field of study, etc., are invited to instruct one of our classes. As a co-op, parent volunteers make the classes happen. There are also other opportunities and requirements for volunteering such as aiding in the preschool class, aiding in co-op classes, janitorial, etc.

The spectrum of class subjects is as broad as the facilitator’s imagination. Some examples include Pottery, Foreign Languages, Literature, Knitting, Sewing, Quilting, Chemistry, Woodworking, Math games, Photography, Drama, Journalism, History of Delaware, etc...

The fall semester will run for twelve weeks, and each Tuesday there are three one-hour long sessions. Teaching fees, course materials, etc., will be paid for by the parents of co-op students.

Registration packets will be available in July and registration will be due August 5th.

Family event and parent meeting in August.

Classes will begin September 9th, 2008.

Kaecey (kaecey_mccormick@yahoo.com)

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