Monday, December 1, 2008

Casting Call ~ Brundibar and The Children of Theresienstadt at The International Opera Theater

International Opera Theater

Seeking Children Volunteers
Ages 6-18
To sing and perform in a remake of an opera performed 55 times by children in a concentration camp during the Holocaust.
No experience necessary.
Perform, sing and have fun!
Beginning January 5th
Weekday afternoons
Martin Luther King Birthday

Daily Performances
The Ibrahim Theater
International House
3701 Chestnut Street
Weekdays ~ 11:00 AM
Sunday ~ 3:00 PM
Sunday, January 25
Friday, January 30

Note: Children will have to miss mornings of school for performances.

Available Roles:
40 children
ages 6-17
7-8 year old thin soprano soloist, who can act and move well

9-11 thin boy soprano solist who can act and move well

Windows (narrators)
4 thin, young voiced 1st and 2nd sopranos who have soloist quality voices.
They have speaking lines as well as sing solo, in unison and two part.

12-13 year old boy alto soloist, dynamic personality

11-13 year old boy alto who can also bark like a dog

11-13 year old tall thin female soprano who can move gracefully

8-10 year old thin female soprano who can move gracefully

year old female alto

Police Person
14-16 female alto

Ice Cream Person
12-13 boy soprano

Milk Person
14-15 high male voice

2 Dancers
Milk-boy age 8-10

Karen Saillant
Artistic Director
International Opera Theater


In 2006 The United Nations General Assembly designated January 27 as an annual worldwide day to honor the victims of the Holocaust. The International Opera Theater, in collaboration with International House Philadelphia, will share 6 performances of a children's opera that was performed during the Holocaust by a group of children in a concentration camp in Theresienstadt. The composer of this opera, called Brundibar, brought the score with him into the concentration camp in the one suitcase that he was permitted.

Brundibar and The Children of Theresienstadt tells the story of the children who performed in this opera and celebrates the sense of hope that their art, music and drama teachers in the camp imparted to them and that they were able to transfer to their fellow prisoners through their performances.
This original script is based upon writings of prisoners and in addition to the presentation of the short opera includes other music that was permitted in the camp; songs in German, French and Italian, by Ravel, Strauss, Dvorzak and Mascagni. Immortalized by Maurice Sendak in his book by the same title, Brundibar, the little masterpiece children's opera by Czech composer Hans Krasa, was performed 55 times by children in the Theresienstadt concentration camp during the Second World War.

*Of the 15,000 children that were imprisoned in Theresienstadt, only 100 under the age of 14 survived.

This production is being presented to commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day and
honors all children who, because of war, were never able to go home.