Thursday, January 1, 2009

Open Connections Presentation: Activity Centers for Youths!

Activity Centers for Youths
Work/Play Environments for Young People of All Ages
Tuesday, January 13th
7-9 pm

This color slide presentation is all about designing and building work/play spaces for young people in their home or other education center. Parents and other educators with only novice woodworking skills can create multilevel structures that can include climbing platforms, storefronts, puppet theaters, sleeping areas, storage spaces, invention shops and numerous other components that will provide young people with thousands of hours of creative and self-directed play and purposeful activity. No home is too small for some kind of structure; no budget is too tight to keep anyone from building something useful. Bedrooms, basements, living/family rooms, classrooms, and even hallways have housed exciting and workable solutions to such challenges as sibling rivalry, excessive clutter, combining toddlers with adult-furnished areas, and constructive entertainment that beats the boob tube every time.

Open Connections has featured such "environments" since it opened in 1978 and has designed and/or built numerous spaces for families of two-to-twelve year olds and non-profit centers such as nursery schools and day care centers. All you need are some basic concepts and the energy and interest to put them into practice. Your youths will never stop thanking you.

$25 for the general public.

Open Connections
1616 Delchester Road
Newtown Square, PA.

For more information & to register:
(610) 459-3366