Saturday, January 2, 2010

Newark Arts Alliance ~ Art Classes and Much More!

Art Classes for the New Year!

Posted below are classes for kids but they also have wonderful offerings for teens!
Not limited to classes in the visual arts!
Visit their website to see all that they have going on!

Painting by Twilight
January 6-27
th, 6:30-8:30pm
4 Wednesdays
Ages 12-15.
Are you a fan of the Twilight books and movie? This class will create artwork inspired by books and films. We will paint beautiful landscapes inspired by the Seattle setting of Twilight, paint moonscapes and character portraits. This class will teach you how to paint with oil paints, charcoal, and India ink. This is a great class for anyone who loves the Twilight books and is inspired to create beautiful, dramatic works of art.
$84members/$92 non-members

Mommy and Me Art Class
January 16-30, 11am-12pm
3 Saturdays
Ages 4-5.
Parent and child will make art together in this first introduction to basic art techniques. We'll use pastels, tempera paint and model magic clay to make colorful works of art that will inspire you to continue your art exploration at home. Daddy's and grandparents welcome too! Fee includes child accompanied by one adult.

Wonderful Winter Wear Art Date
January 29
th, Friday
Ages 8-11.
Take the chill off winter with your very own fleece hat and scarf. Sewing not required. Bring your imagination and the possibilities are endless. Choose from rugged sports or frilly and fancy themed hats and scarves for winter wear. Make a date with art and warm up with a spaghetti dinner.
$30M/$33NM (includes all supplies and food)

Alice in Wonderland Illustration Workshop
February 3-24
th, 6:30-8:30pm
4 Wednesdays
Taught by Jen Mrozik. Ages 9-14. Come learn how to create illustrations of characters from Alice in Wonderland! We will creatively design works of art in ink, watercolor, charcoal and sharpie marker. Images from the new Tim Burton film will be our inspiration!

A Victorian Valentine Card Making Workshop
Tuesday, February 11
Taught by Jen Mrozik. Ages 6-9pm. Come create beautiful hand crafted cards for your loved ones! We will learn about Victorian Styles of card making and make our own versions using lace, glitter, collage and ribbons!

“Where the Wild Things Are” Soft Buddy Workshop: Session 1
Feb. 27-March 6, 1-3pm
2 Saturdays
Ages 10 to Adult.
Join the craze and make your own, soft, stuffed monsters, thingys, animals or people. We’ll draft patterns from our own crazy drawings and pick from a variety of felts, furs and printed fleeces to hand sew our buddy together. We’ll embellish with buttons, yarn, sequins, beads and markers, then stuff it. (who needs “Build a Bear”?) Basic hand sewing skills helpful but not necessary. This is a great class to take with a friend or a parent/child combo. All materials provided.

“Where the Wild Things Are” Soft Buddy Workshop: Session 2
March 13-20, 1-3pm
2 Saturdays
Ages 10 to Adult.
Those taking Session 1 can continue their quest and make more crazy stuffed buddies. Think clouds with feet, or a turtle with wings, etc. Beginners also welcome to join this open workshop. See description from Session 1 above.
All materials provided.

St. Patrick's Day Celtic Art Workshop
March 4-25
th, 4-6pm
4 Thursdays
Ages 9-12.
Everyone has heard of "Saint Patrick", but don't know much about him! Come learn all about Saint Patrick, Celtic Art, and Irish Art! We will do printmaking, clay and metal work. We will also learn about Celtic symbolism – a great class to learn while being creative.

Paint Play
March 6-20, 10:30-12pm
3 Saturdays
Ages 5-7.
Explore the wonders of painting! We'll learn how to mix and blend colors, paint wet on wet, and use sponges and brushes to get lots of textures and lines with tempera paint. We'll do backgrounds and foregrounds and plan paintings in a couple of stages. A good overview for young artists.

Beatrix Potter: Artist and Activist!
April 8-29
th, 4-6pm
4 Thursdays
Ages 6-9.
Come make some beautiful artwork inspired by Beatrix Potter, author of the Peter Rabbit stories! She was an artist and nature lover. We will create beautiful watercolors, make our own "Peter Rabbit" doll, and celebrate Earth day with a "Rabbit Tea Party!" This class will be tons of loveable fun!

Fabulous Foot Wear Art Date
April 23, Friday
Ages 8-11.
This class has something for everyone, fun for boys and girls! Boys bring your Vanns and Chuck Taylors style sneakers. We'll add flames, cool rock star details, far out space drawings or hot Anime designs for a custom look that will turn heads. Girls bring you favorite white canvas shoes, canvas Mary Janes or tennis shoes. Paint on colorful hearts or flowers and glue on sparkle gems and glitter to create a shoe that will dazzle. Come create fabulous footwear and stay for a pizza dinner.
$32M/$36NM (student should bring their own footwear, all else will be provided)

Mary Cassatt: The Art of Family
May 6-27
th, 4-6pm
4 Thursdays
Ages 9-12.
We will learn about American artists Mary Cassatt from Philadelphia! We will draw pictures of mothers and children – including your own family portrait as a Mother's Day gift! We will use pastels and watercolors. Come learn about a great American woman painter and make some meaningful artwork for mom!

Saturday Art Explorers
May 15-29, 10:30am-12pm
3 Saturdays,
Ages 8-11.
Let's explore some interesting art techniques to create 2-D art that stands apart from ordinary paintings. Scratch art (scraffito), tissue paper collage and wax resist watercolor paintings will be "discovered".

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