Thursday, February 23, 2012

Enrichment Programs offered by Wilmington Montessori School!

Science Club

Ages 7-11
Wednesdays, 4:10-5:20
12 Weeks 1/25-4/18—no class 3/28 or 4/11)
Join teacher Maribeth Low to explore what science is and what is says about the world around us. Children are naturally inquisitive, and want real answers to their questions! They are also naturally inclined toward hands-on experimentation. We will combine these two natural interests to guide the student into scientific thinking and actual science investigation. Children are able to delve into physics, biology, chemistry, scientific record-keeping, and more. Students will participate in small group discussions focusing on both the results and interpretations of experiments.

Adventures In Music
Ages 5-8
12 weeks (1/17-4/17—no class 3/27 or 4/10)
Linda Bunting-Rios has been providing vibrant musical experiences for schools and camps for over 15 years. She plays piano and guitar and uses these, in addition to her singer/songwriting abilities, to make each class an exciting experience. Classes will consist of carefully selected songs, exposure to world music and instruments (with an emphasis on guitar and piano), music theory and music theatre.

Drama Workshop
K-2nd grade
Mondays, 4:15-5:05
12 wks (1/23-5/7)
Taught by actor, playwright, director and educator George Tietze, this workshop is designed to allow students to fully express themselves physically, emotionally and intellectually. In training as actors we engage body, mind and soul; each class will emphasize physical exercise to increase flexibility and spatial/body awareness, vocal exercises to increase verbal acuity and activities designed to help with concentration and mental agility. Students will learn how to bridge their own natural facility with imaginative play into a more complex and thorough narrative while they learn the rudiments of stage presentation and improvisation.

Ages 9-12
Mondays, 3:45-5:15
12 weeks (1/23-5/7)
Join pro photographer Heather Siple to learn the nuts and bolts of still photography, with an emphasis on making the most of your own camera! Topics include composition, lighting, shooting motion, portraits, nature photography, color vs. black-and-white imagery and more with weekly photo shoots, discussions and critiques. The class will culminate in the creation of a student anthology and art show.

Dance Groove

Ages 6-8
Thursdays, 4:15-5:00
12 weeks (1/19-4/19—no class 4/13)
This high energy class is a jazz based introduction to dance designed to build rhythm, balance, coordination, and musical awareness. Students will learn how to execute jumps, turns, funky footwork & elements of break-dance. Emphasis is on fun! This class encourages self expression, cooperative group work and showcases student inspired choreography. The atmosphere is relaxed and the focus is on creative process. Movements are age appropriate and music conveys a positive message. No prior dance experience needed. Have a favorite song or CD? Bring it with you!

Ages 4-7
Thursdays, 3:30-4:00
12 weeks (1/19-4/19—no class 4/10)
Breath. Stretching. Sound. Stillness. Aaahhh… Yoga is the perfect way to unwind after the busy school day! Yoga balances mind, body and spirit and has many proven benefits including improved flexibility, posture, circulation, respiratory, digestion, and immune system. Yoga combined with meditation relaxes the entire body while stimulating imagination and creativity. Children will learn how to focus, balance, energize and calm themselves. Keren Portia has over ten year’s experience as a Children’s Yoga Instructor and Montessori Educator, and she is eager to share her expertise with us!

Hola Español! Spanish
Ages 4-7
Wednesdays, 3:30-4:00
12 Weeks (1/25-5/2)
Each 30 minute class introduces the students to 3-5 core words, and the students interact with the vocabulary through music, movement, art and games. While the kids are playing, singing, dancing and making crafts, they are learning SPANISH! The students will receive a detailed newsletter each week highlighting the week’s lesson. Each lesson is designed specifically for preschool & elementary aged children by certified teachers.

Creative Movement
Ages 3-5
Mondays, 3:30-4:10
12 weeks (1/23-5/7)
Emphasis is on dance and creative movement activities which are designed to increase kinesthetic awareness & encourage exploration through music, singing, circle games and pantomime. A variety of props and rhythm instruments are utilized to enhance learning and inspire spontaneous play. This class fosters self expression and provides students with an opportunity to improve balance, coordination & gross motor skills. Children should wear attire that permits ease of movement and sneakers.


8 weeks (1/9-3/19)
Ages 5-7 3:20-4:05 $125
Ages 7-9
4:15-5:05 $150
MyServe Tennis brings us the United States Tennis Association's latest innovation in teaching young students the skills for playing tennis in a relaxed, fun atmosphere with no long lines, no repetitive drills. Children will learn the specific large motor and hand-to-eye coordination skills necessary to play the game of tennis through a series of special games and exercises. . . and will eventually learn to rally and keep score!


Thursdays, 8 weeks (1/19-3/8)
Your child will enjoy movement to music, songs, puppets, props, sports and fitness skills along with cooperative and parachute play. All classes are presented by experienced Gymboree teachers and provide your child with unique developmental play activities

Gymboree for Toddlers 4:10-4:45 $105
This class is designed around a concept such as “Up and Down”, “In and Out” or “Over and Under”. By using a concept the children can foster an understanding of a particular area each week with emphasis on gross motor movement. Children at this age are also very interested in imagination and creative play. We will incorporate various themes such as “Gymboree Circus”, “Down on the Farm” or “Teddy Bear Picnic”. This allows children to use their imagination while exploring physical, social and cognitive development.

Gymboree for Preschool 3:35-4:05 $105
This class is specifically designed with your child’s growing social skills in mind. It focuses on co-operative play, following directions and gross motor movements. We will also introduce foundations for various sports including racquet sports, volleyball, basketball, gymnastics, hockey and baseball.

Soccer Shots
8 weeks (4/6-6/1)

For ages 4 & 5: Fridays, 3:30-4:00 $130
Each 30-minute session is designed to creatively introduce your child to the sport of soccer. Soccer Shots is a national youth sports program with a provider in New Castle County. Sessions incorporate basic soccer skills, exclusive Soccer Shots games, Word of the Day, use of imagination, fun fitness activities and exercises, development of coordination, balance, and agility, and character-building lessons

For ages 6-8: Fridays, 4:15-4:45 $150
Using the same basic structure as the class above, this session is designed for older children, challenging their more advanced physical and cognitive skills.

Tee Ball

Ages 5-7
Mondays, 4:15-5:00
8 weeks (4/2-6/4) rain or shine!
Join Gerry McVey for a weekly introduction to America’s game, developing basic skills, teamwork strategies, and knowledge of the rules of baseball…and for now, that ball stays still while you hit it!


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