Sunday, April 29, 2007

BVHERO's Annual Homeschoolers Expo

BVHERO hosted its annual Homeschoolers' Expo on Saturday evening, April 28th.

Several wonderful exhibits by the various homeschooling families highlighted some of their accomplishments for the year.

The families enjoyed games, pizza and viewing student produced movies and media presentations.
A good time for all!

Entertainment was provided by Young Musicians of Distinction, an all homeschoolers' concert band.

Talented Young Musicians delighted us with solo performances on the flute, saxophone, mandolin and guitar!

BVHERO stands for Brandywine Valley Homeschooling Resource Organization. This organization is in flux and is redefining itself once more as a predominantly “resource” organization. BVHERO continues to host monthly meetings which are sometimes planned events with speakers and sometimes informal chats, more like a moms' night out. Members and non members are invited to attend these monthly meetings. Those new to homeschooling or considering homeschooling are especially encouraged to come, meet other homeschooling parents or guardians, ask questions, pick up materials and basically join in the fun!

You can check out dates, times, location and any special notes about these meetings on their Website:

BEHERO hosts annual events, such as the Homeschool expo, the Homeschooling Information Night, an annual picnic and a back to school trip to the beach on the first day of the public school calendar. There is a Yahoo group where individual members are encouraged to organize field-trips, park days, classes, share information and network. Access to the Yahoo group is for members only. Membership is now free. Along with access to the Yahoo group and a wonderful group of homeschooling families, you get a BVHERO membership card. The card gives you access to educator discounts throughout the region. There is a simple application process, the application will soon be available on the website. For now, email Carol (current president) at: