Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Oak Meadow's Annual Curriculum Sale

Oak Meadow's annual curriculum sale is going on now!

Spring Sale Through June 30

The following items are 20% off
Pre-K through 8th grade curricula (printed & online)
K-8 teacher manuals

The following items are 10% off
High school Curriculum
K - 8 craft kits

About Oak Meadow:

(from their website)

Oak Meadow combines a deep understanding of the developing child with strong academic standards. In addition, we not only focus on the blossoming intellect but the heart, hands, and spirit of young children by providing lessons that are both developmentally appropriate and holistic. Therefore, your child will immerse themselves in the creative arts, music and movement as well as language arts, mathematics, social studies and science. Because our curriculum is designed to effectively address a variety of learning styles, children are able to successfully engage with their studies and relax into learning! Our goal is not simply to provide factual information, but also to inspire your child to learn and thrive.

Early Years: Pre School and Kindergarten
Because younger children learn primarily through imitation and doing our curriculum features a great deal of healthy activity and movement. We provide lessons rich in experiential exercises that will stimulate learning through action and imagination. Your child will experience a multi sensory education as they explore a world of color, song, rhythm and verse, all the while learning about themselves and the world around them! Here, the letter B is transformed into the belly of a bear and numbers dance and sing. Learning is alive and your child is a part of the action!

Middle Years: Grade School through Middle School
In the middle years we fully engage the student through the use of descriptive stories that inspire your child’s emotional life and encourage them to care about the topics they are studying. Historic men and women become human beings that your child can understand on a fundamentally human level. The Grade School curriculum continues to bring the experiential exercises as in previous years, but now abstract thinking begins to appear as scientific observation is encouraged and explored.

High School
Where younger children learn through doing and then are aided by a strong emotional connection to their subjects, the high school student requires greater intellectual challenges as abstract thinking takes center stage. Oak Meadow Lessons now reflect the older students' need for expertise in subject matter as well as their desire to discern what is true for themselves. They are given projects to express their individuality and think creatively. We provide them with a world of information that is more complex and leaves room for their unique interpretation. Our goal now is to encourage thinking that will prepare them for future aspirations