Thursday, June 7, 2007

Odds Bodkin's Digital Audio Downloads!

Check out Odds Bodkin's award winning music filled stories featuring dozens of characters, vocal effects and great music. There is something for everyone, three year old through teens, including everything from the Odyssey to dinosaur adventure tales to world folklore and much more. Parents will love them too. You can download them now at or buy CD's of your favorites.

Summer is coming so get out those ipods and turn your noisy car back seats into a silent, absorbed world of intelligent imagining!

For Young Children:
The Little Proto Trilogy... Amazing dinosaur adventures, ages 4 & up!
The Evergreens... Gentle Tales of Nature
The Teacup Fairy... Fantastical fairytales from around the world
The Wise Little Girl... Stories of strong, smart girls.
The Winter Cherries... Holiday tales from around the world
The Blossom Tree... Tales from India, China and Japan
Rip Toarin' Paul Bunyan Tales... Tall tales told by "Sourdough Sam"
With a Twinkle in Your Eye... Funny stories from all over

For Older Listeners:
The Odyssey: An Epic Telling... 4 hours of mythic adventure
The Hidden Grail:
Sir Percival and the Fisher King... tales of knights and armor!
Giants Cauldron... Viking myths of adventure
The Rage of Hercules... Intense & hard-hitting, the story of Hercules

I highly recommend everyone of these recording. My family has been listening to Odds for 15 years now, over and over, too many times to count, yet we never grow tired!

To order go to: