Monday, June 18, 2007

Creative Home Schooling: A Resource Guide for Smart Families

I think this is just one of those books that belongs in every homeschooler's personal library. Or at least on the shelves of the local community libraries for homeschoolers to check out!

My copy is full of highlighted sections and notes in the margins, mostly expressing my gratitude and relief as I came across passage after passage reinforcing my own thoughts about how my kids learn and why the public schools, though well meaning, seemed to be failing them so miserably. More importantly, this book contains priceless information and guidance to help form an educational program and philosophy best suited for bringing out the strengths of each individual child...

This book was originally published under a different name. I believe it was "Homeschooling the Gifted Child." It is my understanding that the author and publisher changed the name because the "gifted" label really drew too narrow a circle of those who really could and would benefit from the wealth of information contained within. This sounds right to me. Whether you see your child as creative or gifted or not, there is so much here to aid, encourage and reassure any homeschooler with their own personal homeschooling journey.

Creative Home Schooling: A Resource Guide for Smart Families by Lisa Rivero. Great Potential Press (April 2002)