Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Little Homeschool Library: Downloadable Books, Curriculum and Much, Much More!

This is the same family business that brings you those awesome, free, "Homeschool Radio Shows." My ipod library is bursting at the seams with great listening thanks to Jim and his family!

The Little Homeschool Library offers top-of-the-line downloadable resources — curriculum, audio collections, tutorials and more — designed especially for homeschoolers, at prices anyone can afford. These downloads are ONLY available at The Little Homeschool Library.

Additionally, these resources include a huge added benefit that is EX*CLUS*IVE to The Little Homeschool Library. Once you've ordered a copy of one of these titles, you will see for yourself...

To check out "The Little Homeschool Library" go to:

You will not be disappointed!

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