Thursday, January 10, 2008

Homeschool Program at the Community YMCA of Eastern Delaware County!

Homeschool Group
Ages 5-12
This is a 14-week session with weekly activities to supplement the homeschool experience. Activities include: swimming for physical education purposes, followed by art education and experiences, science exploration, team building/group games. One educational field trip offered during the session.
January 8 – April 8
Tuesday 10am-1pm RY
Tuesday 11:30am-2:30pm
Full Member: $70
Program Member: $100
For more information, please contact MJ Armour
610-638-1270 ext. 3032
Visit their website for a full list of programs and classes.

Ridley Area YMCA
900 South Avenue
Secane, PA 19018
Phone: 610-544-1080
Fax: 610-544-0807

Lansdowne YMCA
2110 Garrett Road
Lansdowne, PA 19050
Phone: 610-259-1661
Fax: 610-259-1843