Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Open Connections Process Workshop!

Monday June 21 through Thursday June 24
9:15am – 2:15pm each day

This four-day course focuses on the key ingredient of the Open Connections approach to
education and parenting. They call it Process Consciousness, and it lies at
the heart of all that they do.

"Parents and other educators will learn to
identify ways of thinking and speaking that dramatically increase their
probability of success in any interpersonal exchange."

Participants will learn:
* Skills to turn conflicts into creative, win-win problem-solving
sessions—even between four year olds
* How to end whining (for themselves and others)
* How to reverse the negative effects of competition and replace them with
the joys of collaboration
* How to avoid getting sucked into “helping” where it’s really not wanted
* How to set boundaries that will be honored and thereby end nagging
* How to nurture self-motivation (again, in oneself and others) and stop
encouraging complacency and unproductive dependence
* How to get what we most want by getting our wishes, feelings, thoughts
and behaviors all in alignment.

$300 for individuals
$500 for a family.

Childcare for 4-10 year olds will be available through the OC Summer
Mini-Camp, held concurrently, for an additional fee.

Open Connections
1616 Delchester Road
Newtown Square, PA 19073

For more information and to register:
(610) 459-3366