Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The One Room Schoolhouse

The One Room Schoolhouse
A new concept
Created by long-time Louisville educator
Betty Stokes

The One Room Schoolhouse offers support for home-schooled youth (ages 9-12) in the areas of creative writing, humanities, local history, poetry, public speaking, and Shakespeare.

For adults, class offerings include:
creative writing, Shakespeare, poetry, and local history.

Genealogy is offered one-on-one by appointment.

The One Room Schoolhouse a great site for field trip opportunities and a consignment connection for teaching materials and resources.

The Schoolhouse offers a warm creative environment to learn through experiencing, practicing and interacting with others. Students touch a bit of the past in a unique blend of antiques, art, and technology. Class offerings are posted on our website. Individual projects and help can be scheduled by appointment.

The One Room Schoolhouse,
Mellwood Art Center,
suite 124
Louisville KY 40206

Owner: Betty Stokes
Phone: (502) 759-5243

Web site


Note: I know this location is too faraway for most of my readers but what a great idea!
Be sure to take a look at her website.