Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Private Instruction and Seminars in History and Writing for High Schoolers

Does your home-schooled high school student know that history is fascinating and writing can be fun?

Warm-hearted, engaging Ph.D. in the Humanities available this academic year
for seminar instruction and individual tutoring on the following subjects:

Medieval and Renaissance History and Literature

Offering a seminar that will provide interested high school students an
intriguing, mind-expanding look at the culture and events of medieval and
Renaissance Europe.

Guided independent study is also available on topics such as:

The history of children, women, and the family;
Christianity and Judaism in Europe;
Writing by women;
and other topics by request.


With patience and encouragement, adolescents improve their writing skills.
Several years of training and experience as a writing tutor.
Skilled in teaching writers how to:

* plan and generate ideas for a piece of writing,
* write drafts, and edit effectively.

Specific writing skills include:
* organization,
* writing for a particular audience,
* peer editing,
* effective use of vocabulary.

Based on learners' needs.
Individually tailored writing instruction.

Writing instruction can be offered as a group seminar or one-on-one.


Thursday mornings,

Two Wednesday mornings per month,

after 4:30,

Evenings, and Weekends
by arrangement

Instructor's home in the Media area

For group seminars,
$20 per student per weekly meeting;
For individual instruction,
discounts available for tutoring packages.

Chara Armon,,