Monday, October 27, 2008

Six for the Road ~ TLC Special About a Unique Homeschooing Family!

The Learning Channel
a 2 part limited run series
October 29th & November 5th

This two-part special follows a homeschooling family of six as they explore America in a RV

One year ago on October 15, 2007 in Los Angeles, California, a unique six-member family moved out of their 3,400 square foot house into a 340 square foot RV and set out for an adventure that continues today. Capturing their time adjusting to life on the road as they crisscross the United States.

Having traveled more than 31,000 miles, the family, comprised of parents Vern & Kati, daughters Auvi (14) and Zoe (12), and sons Kelby (10) and Conner (7), along with three dogs, balances homeschooling, running an internet business, navigating the RV culture, and exploring America. Can they adjust to life as modern nomads, or will the limited privacy and increasing cost of gas drive them back to a more conventional lifestyle?

SIX FOR THE ROAD is produced for TLC by Figure 8 Films

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