Thursday, July 2, 2009

Math & Science Classes Offered For Next School Year.

Abram Lipman

* Middle School Level
6th grade math through Algebra I-ish
* High School Level
Algebra I-ish with geometry
Algebra II-ish with geometry

* Each course is being offered at a less-intense and more-intense level.

* High School level
Touching on topics from chemistry and biology, and to a lesser extent, physics, with an emphasis placed on thinking carefully about scientific systems.

~ ~ ~

Beginning the second week of September through the first week of June.
* Two late mornings or early afternoons per week, either Monday and Wednesday, Tuesday and Thursday, or Wednesday and Friday.

Swarthmore College
* And/or other location to be determined.

$12.50 - $15 per class (depending on enrollment)
Fee includes preparation, progress reports and end-of-the-year evaluations, etc.

Additional Expenses:
Texts and materials
Between $40 - $80 for the year.

~ ~ ~

The more-intense classes are meant for students who feel capable of doing creative problem-solving. Students will investigate important concepts from traditional curriculum, as well as having many opportunities to solve challenging, non-routine problems in both real-world and abstract contexts. The pace at which material is "covered" will depend on the particular students.

The less-intense classes are meant for students who are just starting to develop, or haven't developed, their ability to think about math in a non-formulaic way. The topics will come from a traditional curriculum, but the emphasis will be on investigating these topics in a way that builds mathematical thinking skills rather than getting through a laundry list of skills.

High-school level courses and more-intense middle school course will most likely be very loosely based on the Interactive Mathematics Program and resources from the Art of Problem Solving, while the less-intense middle school courses will be slightly less loosely based on the Connected Mathematics 2 curriculum. Instructor will be supplementing with his own materials as well.

About Abram Lipman:
PA-certified math teacher.
Degree is in mathematics with a minor in Education.
Teaching home-schooled students for three years now.
Providing a unique math education.
References on request.


*Courses offered are conditional on sufficient enrollment.
Note: There is already sufficient enrollment for one Algebra I course and the high school science course.
Sign up soon to make sure the course is being offered and to have some control over the schedule!