Monday, July 2, 2007

The Labyrinth at the Delaware Art Museum

The Labyrinth at the Delaware Art Museum is nestled in an old stone reservoir pit. The paths are tranquilly outlined in river-stones. The location of this installation is unassuming, almost invisible. You must venture through the sculpture garden in back of the museum and come upon the reservoir pit almost unexpectedly. You may stand above the high stonewalls that encase the circular patterned walk and just enjoy the visual delight below or continue around the lower walkway to get to the entrance and walk the Labyrinth.

Walking a Labyrinth is a form of meditation. It can be healing, spiritual, relaxing or just down right fun! Think walking (or running?) a maze without walls. My kids discovered the Labyrinth to be a trickster. Just when you think you are coming to the center, it leads you back on a journey through its outer reaches. Stand in the very center of this Labyrinth and listen. There is an echo unlike any other reverberating off those circular stonewalls.

One of our area's homeschooling moms was instrumental in creating, designing and building this Labyrinth at the Delaware Art Museum. Homeschoolers Rock!

There are many other Labyrinths in out area. You can find these by doing a google search. I would like to point to the website for the Labyrinth at the First and Central Presbyterian Church in Wilmington. They have an indoor Labyrinth with a schedule of special events. The reason why I am pointing to this site is that they have a very simple but astute description and give suggestions for making the most, spiritually, of walking this or any other Labyrinth. And my favorite attribute of this website is that while you read you are graced with the most beautiful set of Gregorian chants!

The Labyrinth at First & Central Presbyterian Church, Wilmington:

The Labyrinth at the Delaware Museum: