Friday, July 6, 2007

Volunteers Needed!

Kittens, Kittens, Kittens Galore!

This is a wonderful time to consider volunteering at one of the adoption centers for Forgotten Cats!

Volunteering in the adoption centers involves talking to passersby to see if they would be interested in giving a home to one of FC’s many adorable homeless cats and kittens. Depending on the shift you volunteer for you may be required to feed and freshen the kitties’ water, scoop their boxes and check on their health. First morning volunteers give the cages a good cleaning to start the day and work begins before the store opens to the public. Last evening volunteers tuck the kitties in for the night.

Although the primary goal is always to find homes, the most fun part is getting to play with the kittens. It is kitten season right now and there are lots of kittens coming through the center. Kittens need interaction with people, adults and kids, so that they don’t get bored and so that they remain social and therefore adoptable.

Homeschoolers have always made up a proud portion of the volunteers at the centers. It is a wonderful way for kids to learn the responsibility and work involved in caring for animals. It is also a wonderful way to just get to spend some time getting to know cats – and kittens!

The Christiana center is very short handed right, so I do hope you will please consider volunteering now. Kids under 16 must work with an adult. You can volunteer together as a family. You will be trained. The kitties in the center have all been altered, have had all their shots and though sometimes a bit scared; they have been socialized before being sent to the center.

The adoption centers are located at both of our area’s PetSmart Stores.
The Brandywine Adoption center is in the Petsmart at the Brandywine Town Center Shoppes. The Christiana Center is in the Petsmart by the Home Depot off Churchman Road.

If you are interested in volunteering you may call John Fedele:

Or you may send an email to:

Please be sure include your phone number so John can get right back to you!

Forgotten Cats is dedicated to reducing unwanted cat populations and ending the suffering of homeless cats and kittens, without killing.

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