Friday, July 6, 2007

Works by Yukie Kobayashi at Nizinga's Cultural Connection

Yukie Kobayashi

Yukie, the artist from the Papermaking Workshop at the DCCA, is currently showing affordable works at Nizinga's Cultural Connection in Wilmington. The theme of this collection is the color Red and includes two lamps, five small pictures , five booklets and eleven pieces of fused glass jewlery. The show opens tonight, Friday July 6th from 5:30 - 8:00 pm. There will be a massage table and R&B music. (I believed this is part of the art loop!) Yuki's show will remain at Nizinga's through July 26th.

Stop by sometime and take this opportunity to see some of Yuki's work and get aquanted with a this unique shop.

About Nizinga's Cultural Connection:
"A Family Boutique Emphasizing Culture"
We specialize in Authentic Afrikan Clothing. But we carry clothing from many cultures. We love cotton, linens, silks, wovens, and other natural fibers. Most of our clothing have a cultural flare. Items are hand selected and limited to a chosen few. Our other items include; jewelry, accessories, fabrics, incense, oils, and household items.
Located at 827 Market Street, Wilmington, DE.

About Yuki Kobayashi