Sunday, July 22, 2007

"Homeschooling for Success" from

Homeschooling for Success is a free e-newsletter from addressing timely and potent homeschooling topics. The newsletter is published bi-weekly and is sent directly to your email box. The question raised in this week's issue is: "What Should You Do If Your Child Wants To Go To School?" Odd, I thought my homeschoolers were already in school? For an organization that claims to be "Your #1Homeschooling Resource" this question is pretty thoughtlessly constructed and is a potentially damaging characterization of the issue. However, if we overlook this slight for the moment, the article is worth the quick read. As you may have guessed, the topic is about parents responding to homeschooling students who express a desire to explore a more traditional schooling option. The topic is addressed by a number of homeschooling experts and authors including:

* David Albert, columnist for "Home Education Magazine."
* Susan Wise Bauer, author of "The Well Trained Mind."
* Dr. Matt James, author of "Homeschooling Odyssey."
* Pat Farenga, author of "Teach Your Own."
* Diane Flynn Keith, editor of "Homefires."
* Rebecca Kochenderfer, co-author of "Homeschooling for Success."
* Marilyn Mosley, executive director and founder of "Laurel Springs School."
* Win & Bill Sweet, authors of ""Living Joyfully With Children."

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