Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Delaware Museum of Natural History: Programs for Homeschoolers

These special programs, just for Homeschoolers, will be offered at Delaware Museum of Natural History from October 2007 to May 2008. Students will explore a variety of natural history topics through the study of museum specimens and exhibits, experiments, live animals, crafts, films, games, and outdoor hikes!

October 19: Microbes- Invisible Invaders, Amazing Allies.
This exhibit is an up close and personal look at the smallest, most abundant and oldest life on our planet. Come explore "germs" and learn how everything on Earth depends on these tiny organisms for survival.

November 9: Extreme Earth.
Climb to the peak of the world' s highest mountain and venture into the deepest trenches of the ocean on this quest for "Earth's Most Extreme Environment."

December 14: Under the Sea.
Far below the peaceful ocean surface is a world of extraordinary creatures- some small, some giant and all with faces only a mother could love. With the help of museum experts, observe real specimens and learn all about these fascinating animals and the places they call home.

January 11: Physics for Beginners.
When you throw a snowball at your friend, the laws of the universe are in action all around you and you don> '> t even know it! These laws are called Physics and they help to explain how the world works. Join us to learn all about gravity, speed, momentum and much more.

February 8: Bizarre Beasts Past and Present.
Experience first-hand some of the strangest animals ever to inhabit the Earth! Explore the forces that cause life to change over time and adapt to different environments. See for yourself that fact is often stranger than fiction.

March 14: The Animals of DMNH.
Ever wonder where the animals at the museum came from and how they got here? Learn about animal conservation and take a fascinating trip through the history of the museum to find out the back-story of some of our most famous residents.

April 11: Delmarva Habitats.
In this introduction to forest, marshland, and seashore environments, we will learn about the web of life and the value of wild spaces.

May 9: Natural History of Pizza.
Where does your pizza come from? It's not delivery; it's DMNH! Be a world traveler and discover the origins of pizza, eating your way through the history of one of your favorite foods.

Registration Information
Classes are geared toward elementary school aged children.
The second Friday of every month (except October)
1:00-3:00 PM

$6.00 member
$10.00 non-member per child.
Adult members are free
$6.00 Adult non-members $6.00.

Pre-registration is required.
To register: contact Mariah Romaninsky at the museum no later than the Monday before class.
Space is limited to 15 students
Enroll early to avoid disappointment.

Please call Mariah Romaninsky at the museum with any questions:

Mariah Romaninsky
Community Programs Coordinator
Delaware Museum of Natural History
4840 Kennett Pike
PO Box 3937
Wilmington, DE 19807

T: 302 658 9111 x322
F: 302 658 2610