Monday, October 15, 2007

Rest of the World History Project - Open to all homeschoolers

Join your fellow homeschoolers in creating a history presentation.

Who: Any homeschooler or group of homeschoolers
What: Create a presentation about an aspect of a country or culture outside of Europe (any time period, any subject)
When: Presentation displayed at Homeschool Expo, Late April/Early May. Final date to be announced soon
Where: Brandywine Town Center in N. Wilmington, DE (by Target off of 202 & Naaman's Road)

Why? To help us remember that it is a big world out there!

Homeschoolers can participate as long as they contact Patti with a country & topic by Dec 15.
There is no promise of available space after that date.

How to Register:
Please email Patti with the names of the participants & the project country name.

Here are some focus topics that have been submitted so far:

Personal Stories from Algeria
Mendhi (henna body art) & India's culture
The Changing Dynasty Structures in China Through History
The Use of Shadow Puppets in Japan

Just because you see a country here, don't feel that you are limited. Countries can overlap; topics can't. Exhibits will be clustered by the country (for example: all projects about India will be put together).

For complete information, please click on the link to download a pdf version of the brochure.

For more info, please contact Patti Beaumont at