Friday, August 31, 2007

Free Long Struts from ZOME!

Zome is replacing their long struts with super-short struts in order to "downsize" their kits. All lengths of Zometool struts will still be compatible. However, if you like the long struts, stock up now, because they're giving them away: you can get 1 lb. of long blue, yellow, red, half green or half blue struts FREE with every $25 worth of Zometool you order between now and 8/31/07. After that, long struts will be available by special order only... for a price!

To get your free long struts, just order at least $25 worth of Zometool before the end of the month (like a big bag of Rainbow Zome Balls!) Then go to Parts by the Pound and pick out a pound of long blues, yellows, reds, half greens or half blues for each $25 worth of Zometool you order. When you check out, enter the coupon code FREEPARTS, and you'll get a 100% discount on those parts.

Offer extended through Labor Day, 2007!