Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Academy of Natural Sciences: Homeschool Days!

The Academy of Natural Sciences

Below are details of two "Homeschool Days" at The Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia. Registration will begin August 13, 2007.

There is also a wonderful volunteer opportunity for homeschool teens!

October 16th, 2007: Weather or Not!

What happens in the fall to the plants and animals in our area? How do species adapt to changes in weather and seasons? Younger students will investigate what causes seasons and weather patterns. They will also compare and contrast the needs of humans as the temperature changes with the needs of species that live in the wild. Older students will investigate the global climate change phenomenon by performing experiments, interpreting graphs, discussing and evaluating data and participating in role-playing activities to understand this important topic.

November 15th, 2007: All in a Day’s Work:

Did you know that wild animals have jobs as well as humans? Younger students will learn what it takes for animals to hold their jobs in nature, such as predator, prey, scavenger, herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, diurnal, nocturnal etc. Older students will explore what it takes to become a member of the science community by meeting staff who work here at The Academy of Natural Sciences. The Academy of Natural Sciences has been a leader in the study of the natural world for almost 200 years. Botanists, science teachers, paleontologists and animal keepers are just some of the people who work here at this fantastic institution and older students will get the opportunity to perform some of the tasks that these folks do every day.

Registration will begin August 13, 2007.
No reservations will be taken before this date.

Home school programs at the Academy accommodate children ages 3-14. Each program is a 1/2 day experience and students participate in sessions and activities appropriate for their age group.

Online Registration and additional information:
The Academy of Natural Science

Or you may call: 215-299-1060

Outside-In Opportunities for Home Schooled Teens:

Volunteers are needed in Outside-In. This hands-on children's nature museum offers teen homeschoolers a great opportunity to enhance their study of all sorts of biological and environmental topics. A desire to work with live animals and engage visitors of all ages is key. Minimum age is 14.

Click here for more information about volunteering,

or contact Lois Kuter, Volunteer Coordinator at 215 299-1029 or