Friday, August 3, 2007

Zome: August Model of the Month

Queen Bee

This intriguing model was created by Ethan Smythe, a Davidson Institute Young Scholar. Queen Bee is made of 5 spirals of short yellows joined by 5 spirals of medium reds, Queen Bee echos a number of natural forms, like a bee hive or a pineapple.

Be sure to check it out. We highly recommend Zome. This product is a gem! There is curriculum support for using Zome in both math and science subject areas. Their web site contains tons of model plans and project ideas as well as frequent special price offerings. Most importantly, Zome is tons of building fun!

Pioneer kits for $13.95
The Pioneer kit is a great introduction to the power of Zometool: explore crazy bubbles, the tetra challenge, shadows from the 4th dimension, and much more. Includes a balanced inventory of 121 parts and a full-color 24-page manual. This special price offer expires 8/31/07.